A prayer

We come together in community as a collection of broken bodies – neither reducible to the one or the many. We come as people of this world working together, moving towards the constant becomings of the Kingdom. We pray that together, in Christ, we may continue to work towards the ending of oppression and the liberation of the poor. That we, as the church of Christ, may embrace a profound and radical love. A love which allows us to truly embrace the Other. A love which allows us to see that what we do unto the least of our neighbors, we truly do unto Christ. May we pour out this love unto the world, through our thoughts and through our actions. May we live out this love in our interactions with our friends, our family, our neighbour, our strangers and our world. Let us share this love with all of creation!

We understand that the words of scripture have power. The words of scripture have power that affects human bodies. May the words of scripture – in the way language is arranged – affect us. May the scripture move us towards resistance so that we might resist that power which closes and universalizes. May scripture aid us so that our love resist the powers that oppress, maim, and make rigid.

Together we acknowledge the profound beauty and creativity of God in the world. May we rejoice in the power of divine creativity! Let us create beautiful things with our hands. Let us create beautiful things with our mouths. Let us create beautiful things with our love! We are surrounded by chaos in which we are granted the ability to create with our love. May we use our gifts to create beautiful things in the Kingdom. Help us to not dwell on the negative, but rather to affirm new creative movement. Help us light the creative flame for a revolution in love. We might not see tomorrow, but only in our love, as a community of broken bodies, will we ever see the dawn. For at the chairs on the table of the kingdom we will sing forever in a fellowship of love.


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